Monday, 21 October 2019

BFOR: Newsletter Five A New Beginning

Books For Older Readers: Newsletter Five
A New Beginning

Because we never stop reading.........

Breaking News

Here is the last BFOR newsletter which you will receive. This is not however sad news. The BFOR website is reinventing itself. We are giving ourselves a new name and magazine-style image, and have called ourselves ‘Autumn Chickens’. This is the link

The eight book shelves will all be migrated to the new site, and new features and articles will be added, .The ‘not for profit’ ethos of the site will continue, and our target audience is still forward thinking people (with an emphasis on books) in mid-life and beyond.  
The BFOR website has now had well over 30,000 hits. We hope the new site will do even better.

So what’s been happening on the BFOR site?

The BFOR website will stay live until March 2021 which will allow sufficient time to move all the pages to the new website. If you haven’t already seen it, have a look at the wonderful month long BLOGBLITZ posts which took place in August and provided much of the inspiration for the new website.

What Next?
We don’t want to lose our subscribers, but data laws prevent us from moving your subscription to the site without your permission. It just requires you to insert your email on the new form. We hope you will do this. And as a thank you, we will enter you into a prize draw with a chance of winning Jessica Norrie’s fabulous new book ‘The Magic Carpet’. Here is the link 

 We would like to thank all our followers and subscribers for their continued support.

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