Monday, 18 March 2019

Books For Older Readers: Newsletter Four

Because we never stop reading.........
As the ‘Books for Older Readers’ group begins to work its way through its second year, here are some statistics:
The BFOR website has now had over 21,000 hits.
There are 8 pages of books, including a selection of shorter reads and poetry.
We have 426 members in our facebook group, 137 followers on twitter, and numbers continue to grow.
So what’s been happening on the site?
February brought a new initiative for Book Clubs to the BFOR website. If you visit our Bookclub page you will find a selection of books with really interesting free downloadable sets of questions written by each author. There are also some excellent discounted offers for multiple copies. We hope you find this useful. We would also welcome any feedback about the page. Please help us to grow by sharing the website and facebook group with others who may be interested.
Author News
Christine Webber, one of our original members, is now offering her services as an audio book narrator, and is pleased to offer a 50% discount on fees to members of the Alliance of Independent Authors. See her website for more details. Rates for members of BFOR will also be discounted.

Another of our founder members Maggie Christensen, a prolific writer of books which fit with our BFOR themes, (originally from Scotland, but now resident in Australia) has a series of ebook reductions and a new publication planned. This is the link to her UK Amazon page. Look out for the release of a ‘A Single Woman’ on 9th May.

A Single Woman

Set in Scotland and a sequel to Isobel’s Promise. Isla is determinedly single, but finds herself unaccountably drawn to the grief-stricken father of one of her students.

BFOR author Rosie Travers  has recently released a second novel. ‘Your Secret's Safe With Me’, is a romantic suspense novel set on the south coast of England. 
Your Secret's Safe With Me

Both this and her debut novel, ‘The Theatre of Dreams’ will be reduced to 99p on Amazon Kindle for Easter weekend - 19-22 April. Here is the link to her Amazon page .

BEFOR founder, Claire Baldry, will be featured in a new series of author interviews on Lynne McVernon’s blog , ‘Constantly Reinventing’. Here is the link to the blog

We would like to thank all our followers and subscribers for their continued support.

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