Monday, 8 January 2018

Does the Older Readers Website want your Book?


This post contains submission guidelines for the 'Books For Older  Readers' website.
If you want to know how we select our on.
Firstly, there is NO COST to be on the site, and all our books are suggested by their authors. We do not include a book unless the author wants it to be there. The author must also join the facebook group to be considered.
Once submitted, the selection process normally kicks in, but, as I do most of the work, it does depend how busy I am! I normally ask authors to email me a reminder if they hear nothing after 4 weeks.
This is what happens next.

First check......Is the  printed book or ebook or both currently available on Amazon? If 'only pre-sale', please come back later. 
Second check......Does a sample indicate that the book meets minimum editing standards?  This sounds picky, but it isn't. I would only reject a book at this stage if it was full of typos or spelling mistakes.
Third Check  Do the 'blurb' and sample clearly indicate that the book substantially meets the site themes? (See below)
If this looks likely, I will ask the author for an img or jpeg cover, Amazon link, and very short review, and put the book on the site. The author can also send an optional author profile and photo. The book will only be removed later if it is read in full by one of our group members, and really doesn't fit.
Fourth Check If I really can't decide from the 'blurb', or the book definitely doesn't seem to fit but nevertheless seems to be in the spirit of the genre, then someone from the fb group will be asked to read it and help make a decision. We may contact the author, in case we have missed something. This can take several months and such decisions are collaborative, but the site belongs to me, so I have the final say!

Excerpt from facebook group description re 'themes'.
"Books on the site are submitted by their authors for consideration. We accept a wide variety of styles and subject matter ranging from easy reads to more complex literary fiction, but do ask that the books fit into our emerging genre. Likely themes within the books are second chances, late life career changes, adjusting to retirement, bereavement, love in later life, divorce, relationships with adult offspring and aging parents, and stories with older characters whose age is in some way central to the plot. At least some of the content is likely to reflect the perspective of the more mature characters, albeit sometimes in a very subtle way. The genre is not aimed at women readers only, but most of our writers at present are women. We will not accept books which promote outdated stereotypes of older people, men or women."

In order to save time, please check that your book meets the suggested themes, before submitting. It is not sufficient for a book to be set in the 50s/60s or simply to have a few 'older' characters . I am also now asking for submissions to be made via email to

Thank you for your interest in our rapidly growing group. I hope this post helps to clarify matters for anyone interested.
Claire Baldry